01. I love it in spring when all the flowers begin to [bloom].
02. Our rose plant [bloomed] last week, and the flowers smell wonderful.
03. Their garden was a miracle; they had roses [blooming] in the middle of winter.
04. Many people in Victoria will be relieved when the snow is gone because it isn't good for the flowers that normally start [blooming] around this time of year.
05. Our Christmas cactus produces beautiful pink [blooms] in late December.
06. Her artistic talents really started to [bloom] once she began to take painting lessons.
07. Recent research shows that hurricanes spur the growth of plankton in our oceans by stirring up the water, and thereby bringing food and plankton to the surface where sunlight allows these tiny plants to [bloom].
08. Officials are cautioning people to boil their water due to an algae [bloom] in the water supply.
09. Mozart's musical genius [bloomed] at a very young age.
10. Anne is in her ninth month of pregnancy, and she is really [blooming] with health.
11. The [blooms] of this vine have a very strong, sweet smell.
12. Most plants which [bloom] at night are dependent upon bats for pollination.
13. The Red Sea gets its name from the occasional extensive [blooms] of a certain kind of algae which turns red when it dies.
14. Up to five million tulips [bloom] in Ottawa every year during that city's annual tulip festival.
15. There is an Irish proverb which states that the three most beautiful sights are a potato garden in [bloom], a ship under sail, and a woman after the birth of a child.
16. Earl Nightingale once noted that children [bloom] like spring flowers under praise.
17. Gerry Spence once stated, "To freely [bloom] - that is my definition of success."
18. Someone once observed that a rose only becomes beautiful and blesses others when it opens up and [blooms]. Its greatest tragedy is to stay in a tight-closed bud, never fulfilling its potential.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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